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❶The department offers units for most courses, other than upper-level writing courses, through the Credit for Prior Learning Program.

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The Victorians Unit Lesson Overview and Note to Teachers. Remediation for Common Errors Add to Favorites 2 teachers like this lesson. SWBAT hone their punctuation and usage skills using online resources. Big Idea In this era of texting and social media, students may ignore rules of punctuation and usage. Online resources can help remediate gaps in understanding of punctuation and commonly confused words.

Overview of Towson Online Writing Support. I tell students that today we are going to do some troubleshooting on items I see they have difficulty with in their writing: I explain that once students arrive in the media center, I will meet them at the door and give each student a slip with the following instructions: Complete Commonly Confused Words Exercises: Towson University Online Writing Support.

As students enter the media center, I give them the slip with the online writing exercises they are to complete today: I talk with the students about how to distinguish between them: Means a place Their: Is a possessive pronoun as in "Their shoes. Sample and Feedback - Apostrophes.

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Professional high quality standard writing. Technically, one should not end a sentence with a preposition. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill would have probably argued with that: Students like to work that way, too.

The writing center helped student Pei Ge figure out the best ways to string her recently-learned words together, and find the most effective ways to present her points and organize her writing around them. Freaking is a present participle in [this] sentence. College of Liberal Arts , Writing Center. The Writing Center, located in LA

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online writing support ows home parts of speech sentence structure punctuation usage self-teaching units exercises.

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My classes are held in minute block sessions. This lesson takes 45 minutes from one class period. Students use the Towson University Online Writing Support site to remediate problem areas in their writing.

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This site has a large variety of grammar exercises, including parts of speech, sentence structure, punctuation, usage, and more. Includes self-teaching units which allow students to read and practice online at their own pace. personality essay Towson Online Writing Services fraction homework help writing an exploratory paper.