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Careers in Health Care: Writing a PA School Essay That Will Get You Noticed


❶What are you going to say about a PA that might be your future colleague about yourself and your desire to be a part of that profession, your fit for it, your passion for patient care?


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Crafting a Winning PA School Application Essay

Though you are not limited to these examples, some people find it helpful to use one of the following approaches:. Your opening sentence can simultaneously set the theme of your essay and engage the reader. Here are some different types of leads you may wish to try out:.

State what you will be talking about in the paper. This can take on the form of a "thesis" in many ways i. This lead sets up the reader for a focused, well-structured essay and helps you to get the point quickly infinitely useful in a short essay like the personal statement.

Add interest by making the reader wonder what will come next i. Take the reader into the middle of the action. Reveal something about you i. Begin with a direct quotation or paraphrase whose meaning pertains to the main points you are trying to convey in your essay i. Put the reader into the middle of a conversation, whether it be an actual talk between two people or your own internal thoughts i. State a fact that is relevant to the topic of your essay i.

Give your draft to multiple sources to get different perspectives. Clarity in your writing will reflect good communication skills. By the end of the statement, the reader should be able to see the world through your eyes. The most important part of the personal statement is the impression of yourself that you are creating. After reading your personal statement, readers may ask themselves if you would be interesting to interview.

It is expected that your personal statement be error-free. Grammatical errors may reflect carelessness. Additional Navigation Exploring Health Professions.

Year-by-Year Calendar of Activity. Dental Medicine Academic Requirements. Applying to Dental School. Applying to Nursing School. Physician Assistant Academic Requirements. Applying to PA School. You can just use it for ideas and guidance for your own writing. The following are some PA personal statement tips giving examples of how you should write and what needs to be avoided in your writing: If you have looked at a physician assistant personal statement example and the different tips and you are still unsure as to how to become physician assistant and how to tackle writing your personal statement we can help you.

We provide highly targeted and unique writing through some of the best writers you will find online: Physician Assistant Personal Statement Example. Standard days Rush 3 days 24 hours. Please accept our Terms. I am very compassionate and analytical. I love reading stories that challenge me to see the world anew, especially if those stories are shrouded in rich metaphors and philosophy.

My favorite novels are so full of detail that they read like poetry. One surprising observation I made when I started working in the emergency department at St. Francis Hospital is that the tasks of an English major are essentially the same as those of a PA: Furthermore, both English majors and PAs have to be astute judges of character. No I did not immediately know that I wanted to become a PA after the marathon. Initially I thought about becoming a personal trainer or physical therapist, since I was interested in exercise.

I was interested in the diagnostics and analytical aspects of medicine, so I knew that I did not want to become a nurse. Of course, I thought about medical school but found that the PA profession has many advantages that the physician profession does not. The most important being that PAs can work in several different disciplines in medicine or change specialties, whereas a doctor would have to do another residency.

I know that I am interested in becoming a surgical PA. However, I love working in the ED and imagine that I might like to do both. I am also a lifetime-learner, and I prefer new challenges to old ones. I might change specialties just for the opportunity to grow and try something different. I think that the role of a PA is also more fitting to my personality and skills.

I enjoy working under another professional. In fact, I find that I do my best work when I am anticipating the needs of a team leader and working steps ahead of them to improve quality and efficiency.

This is one reason why I think I will enjoy being first assistant in surgery. Of course, I understand that PAs often function autonomously, consulting the doctor only as needed.

In my job at the St. I enjoy working there because I get to assist the PAs in all of their procedural work, from casting to sutures.

Working this intimately with our PAs, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of the profession and the curriculum. One of our part-time PAs actually works weekdays in the operating room.

I have spoken to her in detail about her experiences and day-to-day as a surgical PA. I have worked at St. Francis now for over a year. In addition, I spent almost a year volunteering at the medical university in Charleston. What I have learned is that I love patient care as well as the culture and environment of the hospital.

No I am not one of those candidates who grew up knowing that they wanted to do healthcare.


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This is an unedited sample of PA school essay submissions, meant to provide you with some insight into how other applicants are approaching their CASPA personal statements. 31 Physician Assistant Personal Statement Examples. I am very much attracted to the career of being a Physician Assistant. I want to help as many people as I can.

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Crafting a Winning PA School Application Essay. Posted By: Paul | PA School Essays | 5 Comments. Physician Assistant medicine is a fast growing career track, and it’s not hard to see why. PAs are in great demand due to a national shortage of primary care physicians. Here’s a trick that will help you bone up on the school and the. Stand out. Offering Physician Assistant school personal statement editing by admissions panel members, professors, faculty members, and practicing PAs. Our goal is to ensure your essay paints you as an ideal candidate for PA school.

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My CASPA Personal Statement (as an example) Personal Statement. To be a good sport and to help you get into PA school, I have decided to post my own personal statement. I put a lot of heart and soul into my first essay last year, I feel like it could still make a good base for this year, but not sure of what I should change. I was wondering. Pa School Essay Examples - Launch your new medical career as a Physician's Assistant. Visit us for program details, requirements and locations.