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Why Homework Is Actually Good For Kids

I believe it can be both

❶They often escape from school.

Three more words are needed

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Consequences for high school students
Yes! It is definitely helpful.

Too much homework makes learning boring and takes away from the enjoyment of learning. Let them learn with inventive and fun new methods and the child will retain much more. Homework is by no means harmful, it is a teaching tool in order for the person to learn more about a subject by doing things hands on. Learning by doing the work is the most effect way of learning, rather than just reading something or seeing someone else do it. It is basically a guarantee that the more homework you do the more you will learn and be comfortable with the subject you are doing.

Most of the homework do not require logical thinking, they are copying. They give pressure to them. Most students are busy with their tons of homework and do not have enough space for them to think. It is harmful more than helpful to students.

I do not believe that homework is harmful. I believe it is essential for students to review and study often so they are more able to absorb the information they are trying to learn. Homework is an essential tool that helps bring learning home.

Homework may not be fun but it is not harmful. Homework helps both students and teachers know whether or not the student has successfully learned what was taught in school. If they are still struggling then it shows they need more help. Homework is not fun but it is a needed part of school. Homework enable students to revise what they have learnt in school and learn how to use exam strategies by answering questions in homework. It provides a tool for students to learn on a daily basis.

Only when the amount of homework is given, e. So simply by judging homework itself, it is not harmful. It can bring up your grade and give knowledge on jobs. Good skills that can be taught through homework can help you have a good job, a well-paying salary, and have a successful life. Homework is needed by all in order to have a successful job and life! Homework allows the student to take on more responsibility, which in turn helps them be responsible young adults when the grow up.

It also helps the student and teacher discover how much they know or how much their student knows. Yes i do believe homework is a good thing when it takes just an hour or two. But when homework starts to become a huge thing it is no longer worth it.

When it takes longer than needed it is no longer a good thing to have around the schools. Homework is Not Harmful Homework may not be fun but it is not harmful. For years homework has been killing me on the inside I would spend at least 7 hours doing my homework. It has ruined my child hood and it should be illegal to give homework beacause it depresses kids when child hood is supposed to be the best time of your life!

Person who named thier opinion HOmework! Homework I think youre ethier retarded or there is A parisite worm in your brain: Sign In Sign Up. Is homework harmful yes or helpful no? New to Old Created: Old to New Likes: Most to Least Likes: Least to Most Replies: Most to Least Replies: Three more words are needed I think homwork is dumb. Homework is no good. Sorry, but I have to finish my homework!!! Helpful as it gives you more practice to reinforce things such as maths.

Harmful because so many hours have been spent at school concentrating on work and teachers, it can seem like extra after school is just overkill. Also, school involves a lot of sitting down, when out of school it would be healthier for the body to be moving around, engaging in exercise and other things.

However, in this day and age knowledge is very important hence why education has such an emphasis and why homework can be necessary at times. Homework is so helpful because you can thrive in life, and it makes you a better person, and smarter. There was one person who never did his homework, and he failed ever grade he had. I really think the homework is helpful!

Life would be so boring! Homework is a necessary part of life for modern students. It helps pupils foster independent thinking outside the classroom and gives them the freedom to work on projects at their own pace with their own interests. Homework prepares students for "real life" in that not all assignments in life happen outside the home. Homework may not be fun, but not everything in life is fun. The most important thing about teachers giving homework, is that it helps you so much on standardized tests.

You work hard on homework and get better test grades But, education is way more important than recreational events or things. Another important thing is attitude. If not, the child becomes stressed, tired, and cranky. Nobody wants that to happen, so might as well take on homework with a positive attitude. Time management is important if you want to fit in that essay and a soccer tournament in the same night.

These are things that if the student can practice at home it will help them in class and in tests. However, homework should not be busy work or long it should be about 30min. Teachers should make homework interactive to involve their families. In the class, students may not have any questions until they get the practical exercise. So when they do the homework they will search the points on the internet or ask there teacher to shrewd about the points.

Helps You study, keeps you refreshed, helps you know more, helps you learn more, home work makes sure you do not forget what you learned in school that day.

Home work has long lasting results including to help you on finals in school. Home work is super helpful and smart! Home work is also lots of fun when you know how to do it. There is no, nil, zero, zilch evidence that homework is beneficial! Not one tiny teeny little grain! And there is soooo much overwhelming evidence that homework is bad! It causes unnecessary stress levels, steals sleep, causes arguments, wastes time, hinders learning yes, lack of sleep and being really miserable WILL hinder learning , causes obesity I could go on forever!

Me, being a 7th grader, saw an article while I was searching for evidence for an essay that I am writing for a school essay which I am writing about why homework is harmful.

Especially during middle school, when most people hit puberty, we need more sleep to help us grow. This is also ruining our chance to have fun or continue hobbies.

For example, I am currently into coding, but I barely have ant time to code because the teachers are giving tons of homework to us over the weekends. It really makes me laugh about how much the teachers want you to "go outside and enjoy the fresh air" even though they are preventing us from doing this!

This all adds up to children getting failing grades, even if they really try. I remember once I was so stressed out that I literally had a mental breakdown. Kids are staying up to late trying to complete homework that the next day they can hardly concentrate in class, for example, i get home from school at 4: Well some people may consider it a helping hand in education whilst other may consider it a waste of time.

Teachers care more about whether homework is completed rather that the student even learning. This peruses a fear factor for students to complete it even if they do not enjoy it. Are they benefiting from homework or are they merely doing it to avoid the consequences? They are just repeating what they have been taught during school hours. Yes, practicing what you have been taught is essential in learning but if you do it involuntarily, chances of you actually absorbing the information is little.

Students just want to get homework over and done with. This classes the student as being underperforming. In some situation, some student may find homework to be redundant and not even complete it. They then will have to face the consequences and when they do, time is being waste in doing completely nothing. Should this be the case?

Homework is harmful

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Sometimes Homework Is Bad So, homework is good because it can boost your grades, help you learn the material, and prepare you for tests. It's not always beneficial though.

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Helpful and harmful. Helpful as it gives you more practice to reinforce things such as maths. Harmful because so many hours have been spent at school concentrating on work and teachers, it can seem like extra after school is just overkill.

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When considering the view that homework is harmful, author and speaker Alfie Kohn states that there is no real evidence showing homework to be beneficial to elementary students. In an EdWeek article, he writes that he found no correlation between homework and improved standardized assessment scores. When homework is harmful. Alfie Kohn, author of The Homework Myth, is an outspoken critic of at-home assignments. “Homework is frequently the source of frustration, exhaustion, family conflicts, a lack of time for kids to pursue other interests and, perhaps most disturbingly, less excitement about learning,” he .

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Is Too Much Homework Bad for Kids' Health? Written by Sandra Levy on April 11, From kindergarten to the final years of high school, recent research suggests that some students are getting excessive amounts of homework. The homework that is given is designed to give students further information and understanding. In addition, professors structure their homework assignments so that the information that is emphasized on homework is almost always on an exam as well. Why Homework is Harmful. Not all homework is harmful. As mentioned above, it can be helpful.