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Miss Brill and Miss Emily

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He pushed everyone away that came near her. As a result, Emily is left with nothing but loneliness when her father dies. She is forced to cling to her father, the one that had deprived her of any relationship. Emily finally meets a man, Homer Barron. Time went by without any obvious marriage proposal. Her loneliness causes her to lose her sense of the real world.

Another comparison between the two women is their inability to move beyond their past. They are stuck in the earlier times of their life.

The Grierson family held themselves at a very high status. Miss Emily believed that she could avoid paying her taxes because she was so stuck in the past. She was raised thinking she was above everyone else. Once again, she tried to avoid the reality of the present.

Miss Brill had the same weekly, or maybe even daily, routine. She spent every Sunday going to the park and observing the people around her. She never moved on with herself, and tried to live through others. Although both women were lonely, they acted differently towards society.

Emily preferred to be left alone. In contrast, Miss Brill tried to live through people that she repeatedly watched. She wanted to feel included in society and hoped people would converse with her while sitting on the bench in the park. She was continuously emotionless throughout the story.

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High-quality essay writing help at! Thanks to numerous benefits that our service has and guarantees that we give to our clients, thousands of students entrust their academic matters to our specialists and improve their performance at .

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Home Essays Miss Brill and Miss Emily Samantha McPherson R. Bishop English Comp II Online 6 Oct. Miss Brill & Miss Emily Emily Grierson from “ A Rose for Emily ” and Miss Brill from the story “Miss Brill” are two women that are trying to relive their past in the present time. Writers Craft Famous Writers Essay Famous Writer: Jay Asher Writers Craft EWC4U Jay Asher is the famous writer of a book called 13 reasons why. He was born in Wyoming but later decided to move and live in California with his son and wife.