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Powerful Search Engines For Homework Help

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❶For example, if you know your class is discussing the English Industrial Revolution, type in "English Industrial Revolution date" instead of "Industrial Revolution dates," because the search results will be focused on English history rather than industrial revolutions in America, India or other countries.

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Regardless of their types and forms, search engines in global business are highly differentiated based on their national languages, functions, country image, and usage. No wonder we witness a few search engines that dominate global business. This is also the result of proprietary technologies, unique algorithms, and knowledge capital.

In short, search engines are still being refined and will have major implications for MNCs, domestic companies, governments, and consumers alike.

Search engines carry national identities and cultures. Compare five major search engines from each continent, based on their local markets, strategies, and national characteristics. Search engines come in different forms and types and may include general search engines, P2P search engines, meta-search engines, information-specific search engines, geographically based search engines, business search engines, enterprise search engines, and so on.

Search engines in global business are mostly affected by local cultures, country-specific regulations, data authenticity, and national ideologies. Search engines are used by customers to find the required information on the World Wide Web. The results of the search are shown in search engine results pages SERPs. Search engines also incorporate the data mining process. The different forms of search engines include meta-search engines, information-specific search engines, business oriented search engines, and many more.

Search engine GO is the most popular search engine with high amounts of sales when compared to other search engines like search engine BA, search engine BI, search engine AS, search engine YA and many more.

Each country in the world has its own search engines with unique algorithm to search the required query. International Management 9th Edition Edit editions. You can also type the minus symbol before the word to exclude it. For example, typing "Industrial Revolution -India" will exclude search results that have the word "India" in them. Open up several tabs on your Internet browser. Type in the URL address for some commonly used search engines into each tab. Use popular search engines, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, but also try search engines specifically made for students.

Search on scholarly search engines. While it is good to know how to navigate popular sites, these engines will save time in finding reputable sources. Search for media on media-specific search engines. Search for video on Blinkx. Using specialized media and educational search engines will take you closer to finding reputable facts and sources. It is important to cite your sources, when asked, and to avoid using inaccurate or opinion-based websites.

Evaluate each website that you find using a search engine. If the website does not appear to be reputable and list its sources, then you should try again using another website from your search results. The following are ways to evaluate websites: Give preference to any sites that have strictly controlled URLs.

This means that any website that ends in. These organizations vouch for the material and are more selective that personal or company websites. Look for a name, such as Jill Peterson, jpeterson or j. Look at the author or "about" section to determine who has gathered the information.

If the web page is personal, you must find out if the author has enough credentials to be an expert in the field. Most personal web pages give opinion, but it may be worth citing if the person is an academic or author quoting from their own journals or books.

Look for the publisher. The publisher is often listed in the "about" section, at the bottom of the page and in the URL. Decide if the publisher is a news resource, such as The Washington Post, or if it is relatively unknown. Search for information about the publisher in a search engine to find out if they are academic or news related.

If not, it may not be a reliable source. Look for the date the information was last updated. Near the top or bottom of a page, there should be a date listed when the information was last updated. If it is not recent, consider finding a source with more recent information. Look for links or sources. If the person quotes other sources, ensure they are listed accurately.

A well researched article should have a short bibliography or source link at the end. Use your best judgment. Ask yourself if the tone and language of the website seems professional and objective. If it seems like opinion, look for a more balanced source.

Use search engine best practices and website evaluation for each of the search terms you have identified. Try to work systematically through your research questions, instead of hopping back and forth. Copy and paste relevant information onto a word document. In order to downsize the information you have gathered into a manageable size, you will need to take the portions that answer your question and place them on a document next to the research questions.

Copy and paste the website URL and the date you researched at the bottom of each cut and pasted excerpt. Although you will use the information you have gathered to study and answer questions in your own words, you may be asked to cite your research.

Make a works cited page, when requested by your teacher. Ask your teacher whether it should be in MLA or AP style, since it will change how you refer to the websites.

Good resources for bibliographies are easybib. Read all of your information once you have gathered it. Reread for content and detail. Highlight any information that you may be able to quote directly. Respond to your homework assignment questions in your own words.

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