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❶Apply a consistent, subtle style. If you have a presentation open in view-only mode, you can choose Edit in Browser to make changes to it in your browser.

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Content add-ins integrate web-based features as content that can be shown in line with a presentation. Learn more about types of add-ins for Office. Move, resize, rotate, or order shapes and text boxes in layers, back-to-front in PowerPoint Online.

Ungroup shapes to work with them individually. The PowerPoint desktop app is required to broadcast a slide show to a remote audience through PowerPoint Online. Viewers can watch lives presentations through PowerPoint Online, regardless of whether they have the PowerPoint desktop app installed.

Learn more about broadcast slide show. With PowerPoint Online, you can cut, copy, and paste content in a presentation. A user can copy and paste text between Office Online programs, as well as between Office Online and the Microsoft Office desktop apps on the computer. Add, reorder, duplicate, hide and delete slides in PowerPoint Online. PowerPoint Online includes a gallery of animation effects. Animations not supported by PowerPoint Online are preserved in the presentation and displayed in the slide show, but they cannot be modified in PowerPoint Online.

Learn more about creating custom animations with PowerPoint desktop app. Advanced design features, such creating slide masters and modifying layouts, are only available in the PowerPoint desktop app. With PowerPoint Online, you can use your own template file as the basis for creating new files or choose from predefined list of themes. Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software.

Learn more about embedding presentations on a web or blog page. PowerPoint Online lets you apply bold, italics, underline, font, size, and color to text. You can also use the Format Painter to copy the format of entire shapes. For a larger selection, use the PowerPoint desktop app. Headers and footers, including date and slide numbers, cannot be inserted, edited, or deleted in PowerPoint Online, but PowerPoint Online displays them as expected.

Insert, edit, and follow hyperlinks. Bookmark links work, but cannot be edited in PowerPoint Online. Online video can be inserted from YouTube, and media controls can be resized, moved, and deleted in PowerPoint Online. With PowerPoint Online, you can view Excel charts in an existing presentation, but you cannot edit or insert an Excel chart in a presentation using PowerPoint Online.

Learn more about copying an Excel chart to PowerPoint. Slide sorter view, which gives you a view of your slides in thumbnail form making it easy to sort and organize your slides, is not available in PowerPoint Online. Using the PowerPoint desktop app, you can use slide sorter view to organize your slides and add sections and sort slides into different categories. PowerPoint Online is launched from a web browser and relies on an Internet connection. To access presentations offline, Microsoft PowerPoint desktop app must be installed on your computer and used to view and edit slides.

Improve the framing of a subject in a picture with the cropping tool. Simply click one of the cropping handles at the edge of the picture and drag it until you achieve the picture you want.

With PowerPoint Online, you can insert pictures stored on your computer, or insert pictures from Bing Images. You can move, resize, and crop pictures, and apply a number of picture styles. More sophisticated features for working with pictures, such as applying effects, are not available in PowerPoint Online.

Microsoft PowerPoint desktop app lets you deliver your presentations using the Office Presentation Service, a free, public service that allows other so to follow along in their web browser.

File size restrictions can also sometimes be a hindrance to efficient performance. Hence, we let you import PowerPoint files up to a size of MB - meaning richer presentations!! A presentation is a carefully crafted piece of art. Every word and image in the slide conveys a meaning. And like every piece of art, change in any of these elements, absorbs life out of the canvas. Zoho Show ensures hassle free import of your PowerPoint presentations. Your formatted documents stay exactly as they were while you created them - no faulty margins, misplaced numbers or unruly images!

A blank slide will be added after the slide you are currently on. The slide will contain a title box and a text box. You can choose to use these or insert your own objects using the Insert tab.

You can then adjust this later by grabbing one of the corners with your cursor and then clicking and dragging again. You can click on any text box and start typing to begin adding text to your presentation.

You can format text just as you would in Word, with formatting options available in the Home tab. You can use the frame on the left side of the window to quickly scroll through your slides.

Clicking any of them will open that slide so that you can edit it. You can click the Outline tab to see an outline tree of your presentation. Each slide will be labeled by the slide title. You can get a basic feel for the flow of your presentation at this point by pressing F5 to start the slide show. Click the mouse to advance the slides.

Use the preview slide show to get an idea of how long the presentation is and how well information flows from one slide to the next. Add transitions between slides. Once you have some content in your slides, you can start adding some effects to help make it a bit more interesting for your audience. Select a slide and click the Transitions tab. You will see a list of the most common transitions.

You can also click the arrow at the end of the list to open the full listing of available transitions. When you pick a transition, it will affect how that slide appears. For example, adding a transition to Slide 2 will affect how Slide 1 transitions into Slide 2. You will be able to see a preview in the slide editing window when you click each transition. This can be distracting to the audience and keeps them from focusing on your what is the most important which is your content.

Plain white is boring. If your presentation is standard text on a plain white background, half of your audience will be asleep before you reach the third slide.

Use subtle backgrounds to add a little visual flair to your project. Right-click on a blank section of your slide and select "Format Background", or click the Design tab and the click the arrow icon next to "Background" on the far right. Choose your fill type. You can choose a solid color, a gradient fill, a picture background, or a pattern fill.

Selecting each choice will display several options for it, such as fill color, picture location, gradient settings, and more. Experiment until you find the background that fits your presentation. By default, the background will only be applied to your active slide. Click the "Apply to All" button to apply your background choices to every slide.

Make sure that your text is still easily readable with the background you choose. Adding pictures, diagrams, and other visual aids can help the audience grasp the ideas of your presentation and drive your point home.

Images break up the monotony of text and help keep the audience from tuning out. Click the Insert tab. There will be a large number of options when it comes to inserting objects. Click the Picture button to insert a picture from a file on your computer. You can click the Photo Album button to insert an entire album of photos into the slide as well. Use the Charts button to insert easy-to-read charts that will help the audience understand your data.

Once you choose your Chart type, Excel will open, allowing you to enter in your data or copy it from an existing spreadsheet. Use the Shapes button to insert pre-made shapes or dray your own.

You can use the shapes to outline important text or create arrows and other visual indicators. Avoid drowning your presentation with pictures. If it looks too busy, the audience will have a hard time parsing your written information. You can add links to your slides that will allow you to quickly access websites or email addresses.

This can be especially useful if you are distributing the presentation and want people to be able to easily view related webpages or send you an email. To add a link, place your cursor in a text box and then click the Hyperlink button on the Insert tab. You can choose to link to a file on your computer, a webpage, an email address, or even another slide in your presentation. You can add video files to your slides. This can be useful for reports or any other video file that may relate to your presentation.

The video file will play when the slide appears.

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Collaborate for free with an online version of Microsoft PowerPoint. Save presentations in OneDrive. Share them with others and work together at the same time.

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With Office Online you can view, edit, and share Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files on your devices using a web browser, so you can work anywhere.

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Jan 08,  · Using SkyDrive and web based PowerPoint you can make and share PowerPoint presentations online. The good thing about using web based PowerPoint is that you can alse create and edit PowerPoint presentations and you don't need a license or are key to use it/5(5). PowerPoint Online creates a printable PDF file and then opens the Print dialog box for your web browser. Use your printer's options and settings to choose the print layout options you want and print your presentation.

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When using PowerPoint Online, you can cut, copy, and paste content in a presentation and between Office Online programs, too. More than that, you can do the same between Office Online and the Microsoft Office desktop apps on the computer. Import PowerPoint presentations. Stay with PowerPoint and still benefit all the features of Zoho Show. It's easy to import your PowerPoint files,.PPT files and present online. Additionally, you can also use Zoho Show to import files as an URL.