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Factoring A Trinomial Lessons

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Checking Your Answers
Handling Coefficients

Using the FOIL Method, we can simplify the expression, obtaining the work below and a final result which is a trinomial. After the two sets of parentheses were multiplied, like terms were combined.

Notice that a trinomial, which consists of three terms, remains. This lesson explains how to factor a trinomial like this into two binomials which we had before the FOIL Method was applied.

In this problem, all of the terms are negative. Therefore, our first step is to factor out the Greatest Common Factor which is a -1 or simply a minus sign.

Since m is the only variable letter in this expression we will order the terms from the highest power of m to the lowest power of m. Before attempting to factor any more, there are a few simple questions you can ask to make sure that the expression is factorable as a trinomial. On the left side of each set of parentheses, write all of the variables from the first term of the trinomial with half their exponents. The first term is m 2 , thus after the exponent is cut in half, m is placed inside each set of parentheses.

Since all of the terms in the original set of parentheses is positive, two plus signs are placed below. The coefficients are 1 and Now write all pairs of factors of 1 in a vertical column and then write all pairs of factors of 16 in another vertical column.

Now we must choose a pair of factors of 1 and a pair of factors of 16 to insert into the pairs of parentheses. But how is this done? For the number 1, there is only 1 pair of factors, eliminating any choice. Thus, the 1s can be inserted on the left side of each set of parentheses. Finally, a pair of factors of 16 must be chosen. This is a matter of trial and error.

To make sure all pairs are considered, start using factors at the top of the list then check each pair below it, in order. We place the factors on the right side of each set of parentheses.

Note that the resulting trinomial is not the same as the one we started with, so this is the incorrect pair of factors of Try the next pair:. Consecutive Integer Word Problems Geometry Word Problems Percent Word Problems Motion Word Problems Solving and Graphing Inequalities Mixture Word Problems Scatterplots and Trends The Coordinate System Domain and Range Definition of a Function Function and Arrow Notation Graphing within a Given Domain The Intercept Method Graphing Inequalities in Two Variables Slope of a Line Using Slope to Graph a Line Converting to Slope-Intercept Form and Graphing Writing Equations of Lines Writing Equations of Lines Using Tables Solving Systems by Graphing Solving Systems by Addition Solving Systems by Substitution Number and Value Word Problems Wind and Current Word Problems Converting from Scientific to Standard Notation Converting from Standard to Scientific Notation I can now start with my assignment.

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Square trinomials are polynomials in the form ax2 + bx +c. They have three terms, with the highest degree a squared exponent. Homework Help; Specialized Programs. ADD/ADHD Tutoring Programs; How to: Factoring Square Trinomials https.

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Factoring Trinomials 19 Oct — Homework Help Online Let’s work on the polynomials and learn to factorize them, but before getting into the factorization of trinomials let’s understand what trinomials are? help Afterall, the point is to learn the polynomials, not just get the answer Also, while this calculator page is tailored for algebraic expressions, you might be homework to solve for the prime factorization of a number.