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❶It includes math study guides, projects, games, puzzles, and information on the lives of famous mathematicians. Learn to extrude, sub-divide and sculpt a 3D mesh.

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ocls homework help

Use proper procedure to transfer your video files from the camera to your personal devices. Digital Painting Level 1. Learn how to use graphics software to draw using a pen tablet. No drawing experience required. Computer Basics Level 2. Get your computer skills racing. Learn how to create, rename, delete, and organize files and folders on your computer. Video Studio 2 hrs. Take the fashion world by storm!

Digital Painting Level 2. Learn how to use graphics software to paint a landscape using a pen tablet. No painting experience required. Immerse yourself in videos. Learn how to operate a degree camera to create a highly engaging video for your webpage, YouTube or Facebook.

Knit It Level 3: Purl it all together. Create classic stockinette fabric with knit and purl stitches. Edit your video faster and more accurately with Adobe Premiere. Split and trim video clips with precision directly in the Timeline. Add built-in effects, transitions, and titles to your film.

Get a firsthand view of the MakerBot 3D printer in action With easy-to-use 3D modeling software, design and create more complex objects using custom shape and object tools. Tales of an Ecotourist. Crossing the far corners of the globe, Tales of an Ecotourist showcases travel, from the hot and humid Amazon jungle to the frozen but dry Antarctic.

Learn to drive with the Ultra Driving Simulator in realistic road conditions. Practice safety and defensive driving. Programming Electronics with Arduino Level 1. Experience the potential of this inexpensive and accessible tool. Learn how to program an Arduino to customize control of electronic components, such as LEDs, sensors, and buttons.

Gather together and listen to a story followed by fun zoo activities. Managing Your Personal Account. How can I control what content I see and who sees my posts? Create and Manage Your Business Page. Facebook is a great tool for businesses! Create a Facebook page for your business to engage with customers and promote your products and services. Programming Electronics with Arduino Level 2. Make and program a dazzling multicolored ambient light display. Have a new tablet or smartphone, but not sure how to use it?

Let us get you started with the basics, so you become more familiar with your personal device. Logic Pro Level 1: Harness the power of Logic Pro X to create amazing music. Explore the interface and begin working with key preferences and controls in this popular application. Get hands on experience with industry grade lighting kits, accessories and a light meter to master four lighting set ups: Butterfly, Clamshell, Split and Loop.

Photo Manipulation Using Photoshop. Use Adobe Photoshop to apply common image editing techniques used to key out a portrait silhouette and modify the background.

Perfect gift for the cook in your life. Operate both lighting equipment and camera settings to evoke mood and feeling. Create a storyboard to outline your game, then use real code to bring it to life. Logic Pro Level 2: Patches and the Channel Strip. Get your sound right in Logic Pro X. Understand the routing and creation of patches, which is a crucial element in Logic Pro for building your own instruments and sounds.

Google Docs - Cloud Computing. Move your documents online. Learn how to collaborate, share, and access your files from anywhere with Google Docs, a free word processing application from Google. Tour the Melrose Center Video Studio in this introductory class. Are you stuck on an Adobe related project or simply need a powerful computer to work on? A technology trainer will be available to assist you in this open lab. Knit and Crochet Night.

Have a great time knitting or crocheting while mingling with other Central Florida fiber artists. Be sure to bring your work in progress, yarn and tools. All levels are welcome. Get a firsthand view of the MakerBot 3D printer in action With easy-to-use 3D modeling software, design and create complex objects using loft, revolve and alignment tools. Programming Electronics with Arduino Level 3. Learn how to interface an Arduino with a variety of external sensors. Product Photography Level 1.

Take professional photos for your website, catalog or flyers. Learn how to take crisp and clear commercial images of your products to make them more appealing to your customers. Make photos pop with black and white effects. Learn multiple ways to convert photos to black and white, apply adjustment layers and create enhancing effects. Video Studio Control Room 1. Shoot and cut video like pro. Learn advanced video recording techniques such as live Chroma keying and PTZ remote camera.

Take an average photo and make it pop. Learn basic color correction techniques and make global and location adjustments to images in Adobe Camera Raw. Make a first-person perspective virtual reality game using the Unity game engine and head-mounted displays. Create game objects and mechanics for navigation and interaction. Product Photography Level 2. Take your photos to the next level by learning to enhance and correct colors in Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop.

Programming Electronics with Arduino Level 4. Make and program a digital button counter, and a dynamic light level sensing display. Learn how to interface an Arduino with a seven-segment digit display to show numbers and characters. Researching and Evaluating Agencies and Facilities.

Applying blending modes to image layers to quickly fix problems with exposure, shadows and highlights. Learn to use blending modes to generate artistic and creative effects on photos.

Create a free e-mail account. Learn how to navigate the environment, including the Inbox, the Reading pane, and the Compose area. Video Studio Control Room 2. Set the midground, foreground and background images for a television production.

Learn advance ATEM technique, communicate with talents via clear-com headsets, and operate light remotely. High Dynamic Range Photography with Photoshop.

Create spectacular and vibrant images through high dynamic range HDR photography. Learn the basic camera settings necessary and merge photos into an HDR image using adjustment layers. Programming Electronics with Arduino Level 5. Make and program a remote controlled multicolored light, and a remote controlled piano. Learn the essentials of using wireless infrared communication with an Arduino.

Learn how to compose and send e-mail messages with attachments. Become familiar with replying and forwarding messages. Determine what components need to be accessed to control specific behaviors in a game. Learn how to initialize variables and implement custom functions. Create a 3D Video Game 2-Day. Learn how to develop a game prototype in this two-part game design workshop. This is a multi-day class. Do you want to master the equipment in the Video Studio or need a quick review for the assessment?

A Video instructor will be available to assist you in this open lab. This group meets regularly to discuss and review Ableton Live recording tips and techniques. Convert a virtual object into a 3D printable file. Become familiar with 3D print technologies and the technical specifications of consumer printers.

Drive a Hydraulic Excavator in lifelike construction site conditions. Model, rig and animate a 3D robotic arm! Pro Tools Level 4: Create new sounds and instrumentation.

Understand the language of music producers in this introduction to MIDI. Join us in this sewing class and learn how to complete simple hems on everything from dress pants to skirts. Create logos, advertisements, marketing flyers and other illustrations with ease using vector tools.

Learn to draw and manipulate simple and custom shapes, brush strokes, and text in unique ways. Want to expand your skills?

In this class, you learn how to create a header, footer and different sections in a Web page. Pro Tools Level 5: Master your music production skills. Explore advanced production techniques to work with both MIDI and audio clips. Develop a detailed humanoid arm. Learn to extrude, sub-divide and sculpt a 3D mesh. Design professional layouts and create marketing materials that transform your businesses communications.

Develop a magazine catalog using frames, images, graphics, type tools and more. Design a Printed Circuit Board Level 1. Translate prototype electronic circuits into permanent circuit board designs for manufacturing. Create a schematic for a printed circuit board. Learn to name, move, rotate and connect components.

Want to take your coding skills to the next level? Audio Studio Live Room. Prior to booking a studio, users are required to successfully complete a brief thirty minute studio-specific assessment. Recommended for tweens and teens. Design a Printed Circuit Board Level 2. Create beautiful PCB layouts quickly using Eagle software. Arrange PCB design objects, layout components, route connections, and finalize the design for manufacturing in this easy-to-use PCB editor.

Customize your Web pages using CSS. Audio Studio Control Room. This class will introduce you to the basics of modeling, rigging, and animating a 3D character using Blender. Make and program an electronic piano using Arduino and simple press buttons on a breadboard. Learn how to program an Arduino to play specific musical notes. Enjoy a presentation from the Orlando Dog Training Club, to educate first-time and current dog owners about the basics of dog ownership. Pets may not attend.

Angel Paws to Read. Practice your reading skills by reading aloud to a lovable, furry listener. Be An Angel Therapy Dogs Ministry presents this reading program for children with certified therapy dogs. Orlando Melrose Makers - Multimeter Meetup. Whether you are debugging or designing, multimeters are one of the most helpful tools in electronics. Adobe After Effects Level 1. Create a spectacular celestial video animation using a few stills and Adobe After Effects. Learn how to import footage, set up a composition, and animate layers using keyframes.

Adobe After Effects Level 2. Explore 3D video in Adobe After Effects! Animate layers and extrude type in 3d space to create an otherworldly cinematic animation! Record it right the first time. Use the acoustically treated Sound Booths and equipment to your advantage. Does the idea of sewing a zipper steer you away from projects?

Let us help you tackle zippers head-on with confidence! QuickBooks Pro Level 3. Learn how to record different types of business transactions such as posting accounts payable and accounts receivable. Also, generate financial reports for your company. Enjoy colorful costumes and traditional Mexican music. Click for more information. Crochet It Level 3. Make lace work a cinch! The triple and double triple crochet stitches are great for lace scarves, shawls and sweaters.

Create a lace bookmark using these two new stitches. QuickBooks Pro Level 4. Learn how to add new employees, enter timesheets, setup employee benefits, setup payroll items, pay employees, process payroll forms, and process payroll reports in QuickBooks.

Theatre - Acting in Orlando. Adobe Premiere Level 1. Start creating top-notch digital video productions. This is an introduction to the basics of editing video footage. Create Websites Using WordPress. Learn how to build your own website. Start with WordPress, which offers lots of options for skinning your site the way you want it. Are you stuck on a Wordpress-related project or simply need constructive ideas to get you started? Adobe Premiere Level 2.

Discover a fast way to assemble a video edit by cutting to music. This hands-on class explores the creative aspect of motion picture editing. Make a custom necktie. This fast and easy sewing project is a great gift for any occasion. Lightroom for Photographers Level 3. Capture the beauty of your photographs and share with friends, family and clients.

Microsoft Excel Level 1. Start using Excel today. Input, format and save data in spreadsheets. Calculate data with basic formulas. Learn the Photography Studio workflow, procedures and best practices. Microsoft Excel Level 2. Use auto features including auto and flash fill to streamline your workflow. From Pages to Plate: Their Eyes Were Watching God. Practice calculating data with basic functions in Excel. A technology trainer will be available to guide you with additional exercises during this session.

Create a program with Python, an easy to learn programming language. Assign variables, input data and develop calculations to make an interactive application. Create an easy knit skirt using your body measurements. Use sergers to create professional seams on this fast and easy project.

This is a 2-Day Class. Explore employment opportunities and training with Central Florida businesses. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming. Take your knowledge of coding to the next level with Object-Oriented Programming.

Learn modern application development by defining classes, creating objects and simplifying code. Learn strategies to improve your interview skills and show why you are the best person for the job! Doodle your way to becoming an artist. Discover how to use simple repetitive patterns to create brilliant works of art.

Microsoft Excel Level 3. Use absolute and relative references to ensure your data is calculated accurately. Knit It Level 4: Can you take a ribbing? Create a stretchy ribbed fabric with alternating knit and purl stitches. Adobe Speed Grade Level 1. Get in the drivers seat and take control over the color and light in your movie!

Find out how to perform a basic color correction to change the look of your video. Microsoft Excel Level 4. Format workbooks with frozen panes, headers and themes.

Customize worksheets with sheet names, color coding and hidden sheets. Print your data for perfect reports and presentations. The rules of thirds is probably the most often referenced photography rule of composition. It is all about subject placement within the frame. Use source, modifier and controller modules to create and manipulate audio signals. Calculate your data with formulas and functions.

Use the Function Library to find the best fit for your project. Insert financial, logical, lookup, math and text functions. Develop interactive Web pages with rich media content. Students will learn the fundamental of JavaScript and useful techniques to bring a static Web pages to life. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but apple-themed crafts and activities are just plain fun! Come celebrate the season of fall with everything apple.

Recommended for toddlers and preschoolers. Create a Video Landing Webpage. Looking for an exciting way to promote your business or project? Boost your search engine rankings with an HTML5 landing page optimized with background video! Discover how to achieve flawless and smooth skin on your photographs. Drop in for a game of chess at the library. Chess sets are available for play and rule sheets are provided. Automate everyday tasks with macros.

Record data entry and formatting. Insert and modify objects to run macros without coding. Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by learning about the fascinating life of Frida Kahlo and enjoy a hands on activity inspired by her art.

Explore the basic operations of the Photo Studio cameras and lenses to optimize your photography skills. Learn basic camera setting and the use and care of camera lenses. Microsoft PowerPoint Level 1. Identify the basic features and tools to get you started. Learn how to create a presentation by using templates, text, and picture files. Discover the marriage of technology and sewing. Learn the basics of using a computer embroidery machine, hooping fabric properly and uploading files to stitch.

Microsoft PowerPoint Level 2. Capture your audience attention with a visually compelling presentation. Learn how to insert and customize SmartArt graphics, tables, charts and video.

Microsoft PowerPoint Level 3. Get more precise control over your presentation. Learn how to insert slide transitions, add animations and hyperlinks. Create a customized photo album with simple to use tools. Introduction to the Sewing Machine. Ever wanted to make your own custom clothes, home decor, costumes or accessories?

Join us in this basic sewing class and learn about sewing safety, basic sewing machine skills and stitching seams. Logic Pro Level 3: Use Ultrabeat, a built-in drum machine, to create beats, the perfect the sound with the Step, Piano Roll and Score Editors.

The Voice of Melrose. Orlando Musicians and Poets: Featured Artist - Lauren Lester. Learn how to make tortillas from scratch. Library staff will discuss recipes and demonstrate the making of a homemade tortilla. Prior to booking a studio control room, users are required to successfully complete a brief video-specific assessment. Introduction to the Serger.

If you already know how to use a sewing machine, it is time to discover the versatility of using a serger. Get an overview of how a serger works and how to properly and safely use one. Microsoft Word Level 1. Create polished documents in Microsoft Word. Books to Big Screen: Join us for the film adaption of the science fiction novel, Jurassic Park, written by Michael Crichton in celebration of the Great American Read. Sergers can perform many different types of stitches as long as you know how to thread them properly.

Learn to thread paths for upper and lower loopers, and for both needles. Microsoft Word Level 2. Add style to your documents. Impact your readers with images, text boxes and Smart Art. Ensure readability with basic review tools.

Microsoft Word Level 3. Organize information in your documents. Insert and format tables to display and calculate data.

Microsoft Word Level 4. Unify formatting with Themes and shading, organize topics with titles and headers, and distribute the finished document through printing and sharing options. Customize your cuts and engraving on different materials. Cut2D Desktop provides a full set of tool path options to convert designs from simple graphics into CNC routing operations. Orlando Digital Marketing MeetUp. What is SEO in ? Loom Knit Bracelets Loom knit colorful bracelets.

Learn how to create a cardboard loom and knit a unique bracelet. One Minute Film Festival. Life Screenings takes a look at what happens when a film festival and library mash-up. Enjoy a screening of one minute films that capture the world we love to live in. Create a beautiful cabled bookmark. Learn how to use a cable needle to create right and left leaning cables, while practicing pattern reading and basic knitting techniques.

Adobe After Effects Level 3. Build stunning 2D and 3D video motion graphics with confidence. Audio Studio 2 hrs. Adobe After Effects Level 4. Take your video to the next level! Discover how to use the arcs principle to animation photographs, and how to use the moving camera tool to follow the action on the screen.

Stop by to write a postcard to our character of the month. Then drop it in our mailbox. Color at the Library. The festival will include demonstrations, exhibitors, and hands-on activities, as well as a Fiber Arts Contest.

Ever wanted to introduce electronics to your craft projects? Explore the FabLab in this class which features a hands-on introduction to making. This is a two-class event: Works with Sounds I: Introduction to Composition - 2: Each month knit a unique block that can be used as a dishcloth or joined together to create an afghan.

Learn how to create a flowchart to show the sequence of actions within a process of a project or an organizational chart by using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Contact your mailing list with ease. Use the mail merge wizard to create personalized letters and emails.

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Audio: Live Mixer Fundamentals Level 1

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