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❶Beginning of the end of the Ice Age Re-colonization of Britain by home sapiens.

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Hopefully your able to help again! Iron tools and weapons were also developed independently in sub-Saharan Africa, all c. Weapons made of copper, wood and bronze were no match for iron weapons, and those who used them quickly overran their foes.

The development of iron weapons is a significant factor in the success of Indo-European development in Eurasia. Additionally, tools made of iron were vastly superior, and again allowed the proliferation of those cultures who used them.

Bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, had proved more durable than either of those elements alone. However, iron proved to be even more durable and ultimately superseded the use of bronze. One of the major factors of the fall of the Bronze Age were the devastating wars during that time period, especially during the late Bronze Age.

Historical accounts suggest that the wars were as a result of continued famine caused by changing climatic conditions, which affected agriculture and food supplies. In an attempt to ensure their survival, different groups raided neighboring towns and destroyed cities in the quest for survival.

Attacks on the cities were targeted at the palaces, which were considered the centers of power and control due to the centralized nature of the administration. The system ensured that wealth was held by the ruling elite before being distributed to the masses.

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The Bronze Age was a time in early human history when people first began to use tools made of bronze. Bronze is a hard, yellowish alloy, or mixture of metals. People make it by melting copper and tin together. The Bronze Age began in some places about 5, years ago. It began later in other places.

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What was the Bronze Age? The Bronze Age is a time period when bronze replaced stone as the preferred material for making tools and weapons. This led to improvements in agriculture and brought with it changes in the way people live. Some groups of Bronze Age people developed early writing and other important advances included irrigation, the wheel and the potter’s wheel. The Bronze Age represented a time where there was an ability to smelt copper and tin, and an ability to combine the two to manufacture bronze. The iron age represented a time when there was an ability to not only smelt copper and tin, but also iron, from naturally occuring ores in the Earth.

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Bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, had proved more durable than either of those elements alone. However, iron proved to be even more durable and ultimately superseded the use of bronze. © CPM Educational Program. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. CPM Help.