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❶If you want schools to know that you led a team of 15 people and that this team was recognized as the top performer in your division, mention this first, even if it is not the most recent thing that you did while in this position. Sections you may want to consider including on your resume:

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In this role, I:. John plans to post his first general resume on Military. This general resume can later be further customized should he desire to use it to apply to a specific position at a specific company. He will later create a second general resume focused on performance management.

Resumes are more than just a list of things you know how to do-employers want to see what results you achieved while performing those tasks. Did you increase, decrease, save, or improve something? Be ready to articulate that in the resume. If you supervised people, how many? If you managed a budget, how big was it? If you served in a role that would typically be held by someone one or two grades above you, tout that.

If your team was named the 1 team or you, yourself, were selected as "soldier of the year" or the service equivalent -be ready to explain this outstanding accomplishment. You also need to run the resume past a civilian not a military buddy or a spouse, who probably understands many of the military terms you use who will point out all the places where the language you are using needs to be "de-militarized. Lisa Rosser is a veteran of the U.

S Army, founder of The Value of a Veteran, and author of a guide to recruiting military veterans. Courtesy of the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Whether you are looking for your first professional position overseas, desire a an international career after graduation, or are considering an internship abroad, you should be prepared to write an internationally focused resume. International resume and employers place a big emphasis on your personality - including your cultural competence, and how well you will be able to work and thrive in an international environment.

Keep in mind that unlike a U. Be sure to follow the specific employer instructions for each international application. Academic portfolios are different than professional portfolios. The purpose of an academic portfolio is to assess learning over the course of your college career.

These academic portfolios may include reflections on experiences e. It shows growth of skills and learning within an academic context. Academic portfolios can be repurposed into professional portfolios.

It is important to see how academic and developmental experiences directly translate to professional skills-connecting college to career. Adapted from Ross Wade, assistant director of the career center at Duke University, counsels art, media, and entertainment students. We want viewers to see your skills and work, and not get sidetracked by a poorly designed and constructed site. There are many free and intuitive resources out there to choose from.

Weebly and Wix are good drop-and-drag resources with templates for creating websites. Of course if you are a financial analyst or an accountant, LinkedIn may be all that you need.

Portfolios should contain your best work- not all of your work-and be sorted by skill. Spend some time thinking about and writing down all that you do professionally, and then sort by skill and the level of importance to your audience; or try re-organizing your resume by skill. These two exercises will not only clarify the more obvious skills you use, but will also bring to light other skills that you may not have considered before. Even a photographer can breakdown his skills so they are more apparent to his audience.

Photography is more than "point and click"-different styles require different skills. Whether you are an artist, entertainer, event planner, PR specialist, or biomedical engineer, you should consider an online portfolio or some kind of online presence reflecting your work. There are many different platforms e. For example, a graphic designer needs a platform that will show his or her work in a very dynamic and visual way, while also sharing the work with others. Therefore, Behance or Carbonmade , platforms specifically for visual arts and networking, are a couple of strong platforms worth consideration.

LinkedIn is ideal to share experience chronologically and visually. A LinkedIn profile and is a virtual resume, but you can also share writing, presentations, and design.

Social media skills e. There are some basic and advanced ways of sharing your portfolio and professional work. Start by adding your portfolio link to your e-mail signature, business card, resume header, and LinkedIn profile. More advanced methods include engaging with other professionals through social media. Example include writing a blog post and tweeting it or posting photography on Instagram with strategic tags to draw a greater audience.

You control your career destiny! You need to become active on and off campus. Becoming marketable to employers or graduate schools is a four-year job. Here are the top 10 things you can do during college to make yourself marketable at job-search time. Remember, you control your career destiny. Your career train is on the move. Jump on board now so you can reach your destination!

You can send the email to careercoach odu. Please note that resumes are reviewed in the order that they are received. From your ODU email account, create an email with the subject line: Students must use professional email etiquette when sending in their resumes; which include full and complete sentences.

Also, if they have a "common name"; i. All resumes are reviewed in the order they are received and may take up to 3 business days to be reviewed. During peak recruiting season, it may take up to 5 business days.

When your resume has been approved for the Step One Application Process, a note will be made in your Degree Works account. Career Services has helped me in such significant ways this semester I met with Nakia twice to go over on how my resume could be more professional and it was helped in so many ways.

I was given valuable information on how to perfect my resume and was given the chance because of my work with the CMC to ride along with the head veterinarian. Being able to gain the skills to sell myself to the business is what got me the opportunity to ride along and I am extremely grateful Get that resume read!

If the job of the resume is to get you an interview, the job of the cover letter to get your resume read. Cover Letters give you the chance to show your personality.

Introduction State why you are writing and indicate your knowledge of the employer in the first two or three sentences. When possible, name the position for which you are applying and how you heard of the opening. If you are writing as a result of a personal referral, someone known to the reader, state it in the first sentence. Body In the body, communicate the ways your skills and experiences can be of value to the employer. You will want to balance your confidence with humility.

Highlight prior experience that will make your background come alive. Paint a picture of the type of person they want to hire by describing how your experience relates or is transferable to the employer.

Closing Always thank the person for their time and indicate the step you will take next. This can include reasserting your interest in the position and arranging for a specific time when you will contact the employer to set up a meeting. Avoid endings which lack assertiveness such as "Please contact me References available upon request is the phrase often used and intended to signal the end of a resume.

References are never printed as part of the resume and are typically not included with the resume unless specifically requested by the employer. Always have a copy of your references available. It is my understanding that [name of student] is being considered by your organization for the position of [job title]. Please be advised that the information contained in this letter is confidential and should be treated as such.

The information should not be disclosed to [name of student, if student has waived access] or anyone in your organization who would not be involved in the hiring decision regarding this individual.

Additionally, the information should not be disclosed to anyone outside of your organization without the consent of the student. The one area in which the student performed above average was in oral communications.

A thank you letter is a very important piece of professional correspondence directly related to your interview. Follow up is a crucial component in making and maintaining a positive impression with those individuals with whom you have demonstrated a genuine interest and motivation towards.

Most students tend to email thank you letters to employers, but a handwritten letter is a great way to show extra initiative. In deciding on a format, consider what the employer has told you about the recruitment timeline and whether or not there is enough time for a hand written letter to arrive before a hiring decision is made.

Saying "thanks" can help you stand out from the crowd and continue a positive rapport with the employer. If you interview with more than one person, it is a good idea to send a thank you to each individual.

This means that you need to get the names, titles, and contact information for all of the people who interviewed you. It is a good idea to ask for business cards. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Example, Thank you for the time you took to talk with me on Monday afternoon about the sales position at ExampleSales Inc. Your company has such a great product to offer its clients and after hearing more about the position I feel I can make a positive contribution as part of your team.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information regarding my application. National Association of Colleges and Employers: The job search is a blur of information exchange: Common sense and courtesy still apply, including taking the time to say thank you.

Could your thank-you letter make or break a job offer? Like cover letters, thank-you letters are concise and personalized. The key is making a connection to the person and reiterating an idea discussed during the interview.

Thank you very much for speaking with me yesterday about the financial planner position currently available at MAR Financial. Our conversation confirmed my interest in this position. As we discussed during the interview, a successful financial planner must possess a solid understanding of the industry as well as strong communication skills to discuss options with clients.

This is the type of company I hope to work for. Please let me know if I can provide further information. In the meantime, I look forward to hearing from you. Get a Resume Review and learn about Internship credit and how to apply for positions through Careers4Monarchs. Get a resume review, job search, practicum, or internship meeting. Optimize your Resume with Job Scan. Applications for admission to Graduate or Professional Schools Providing information related to professional activities such as applications for professional memberships, leadership positions, and presentations at professional conferences Proposals for fellowships or grants Applications for positions in academia, including school administration elementary or secondary , principals, superintendents, and deans of schools Higher Education positions in teaching, research, administration, and institutional research Independent consulting in a variety of settings Sample CV headings and categories: Writing an Effective International Resume: Sections you may want to consider including on your resume: Language Courses with international focus Class projects - stress working as a team, project outcome and any multi-cultural environment Cross-cultural international experiences in North America or abroad Volunteer experiences Travel Clubs and organizations Keep in mind that unlike a U.

One tip for reflecting in portfolios is using a variation of the S-T-A-R method-challenge, action, result When using a work example, always get employer consent prior to posting examples from an internship or job Whether you are an artist, entertainer, event planner, PR specialist, or biomedical engineer, you should consider an online portfolio or some kind of online presence reflecting your work.

Keep your grades up- Employers and graduate schools want candidates with good grades. That will probably never change. Doing well academically not only proves that you have a good knowledge base, but indicates a strong work ethic-a trait that employers value. Identify your interests, skills, values, and personal characteristics- The first step to clarifying your career goals is to go through a process of self-assessment.

Visit your career center and take advantage of the self-assessment instruments it has to offer. Actively explore career options- You owe it to yourself to find a career that enriches your life, not one that brings you down. Actively exploring careers means talking with professionals in occupations of interest and observing professionals on the job. Your career center probably has alumni and other volunteers who are willing to talk to you about their careers.

Also, attend any career expos, career fairs, and career speaker panels that are offered. Become active in extracurricular activities and clubs- Active involvement in activities and clubs on campus is highly valued by employers and graduate schools.

Joining a club is fine, but becoming active within that club is what matters most. Become a leader, hold an office, or coordinate an event. You will develop your skills in leadership and teamwork-skills that recruiters covet! Typically, students look at community service as a chore. Develop your computer skills- Take advantage of the computer courses and workshops your college offers. You can also learn a lot by just experimenting with different software packages on your own.

Figures relating to the size of your clients, the value of your projects, or the revenue that your recommendations generated all help to make your accomplishments more real and explain, in concrete terms, the value you provide to teams and projects. Business schools care about your post-MBA goals—but they also want to see evidence in your past that supports your ambitions. While your job likely revolved around modeling and analysis, you may have met with senior team members to discuss the big-picture ideas behind your work—and that demonstrates your interest in and natural mind for strategy.

Highlighting this type of evidence will show admissions officers that you have the capacity and drive to achieve your long-term goals. You can make your resume more reader-friendly in a few ways. First, keep it to a single page. It may seem tough to fit the last few years onto one sheet of paper, but remember that the interview is an opportunity to dive deeper into your experiences.

Leave details that are not essential to your story off of your resume. Second, kill the jargon —stories involving industry-specific terminology may impress your colleagues or a potential boss, but they can confuse admissions officers.

Take time to ensure that your resume is easy to understand, impact-oriented, and focused on both your past and future. Because if you do it well, your resume will serve as a welcoming gateway to the rest of your application. Ali is a media-focused business development professional currently absorbed in the MBA admissions process. Focus on Results While each business school is unique, all are looking for candidates who will make a difference—in the classroom, on campus, and out in the world.

Position Your Past Business schools care about your post-MBA goals—but they also want to see evidence in your past that supports your ambitions.

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Many of my clients seek help with their resumes. I am frequently asked about length and formatting, how to modify industry specific resumes for the business school application process and what type of content will impress the admissions committee.

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Guide to Resumes. By: Jeremy Shinewald of mbaMission. In revising your resume to be submitted with your business school application, your overall goal is to create a document that showcases your major accomplishments and career progress for the admissions committee in an effective and compelling way. The resources listed below will help you construct a winning business school resume presenting the essential facts and figures in a clear, concise, and compelling fashion. The Quick Guide to Admissions Resumes, a free guide.

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