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Our team at AssignmentDesign. Our team of experts provides help and guidance across various areas in Environmental Science. You will get prompt assignment assistance with the needed explanation from our experts. Environmental Science is an academic field that puts together biological and physical sciences which include biology, physics, chemistry, ecology, geology, geography, to mention a few for the studying the environment and getting solutions to the environmental problems.

Environmental Science relates to environmental engineering and environmental studies. Environmental Science takes into account the principles of social sciences is basically an understanding of human perceptions, relationships and policies towards the environment a person is in. Environmental science gained prominence from s onwards when there was a need for protecting environment against degradation due to growth of civilization, industrialization, science and technology.

The environmental protection needed stringent environmental laws and unless there is scientific basis for such laws in the form of Environmental Science , the objectives of environmental protection would not be achieved. Environmental science gained gradual prominence when it is recognized as an absolute necessity for protection of ecology and ecological balance when it is recognised by governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations and apex bodies like United Nations Organization.

Ultimately Environmental protection gained such prominence that today even companies and business communities are forced to take measures for protection of environment in the name of Corporate Social Responsibility. Environmental science involves understanding and addressing complex environmental problems and has become vital as there is growing need for action in addressing environmental problems. This is because human beings fall under the social life and the environment is a major contributor.

Well, if you are pursuing a course in environmental sciences, you must be ready to work extremely hard since there are a lot of things to be covered. In most cases, environmental studies involve practical work that is of equal measure with theory work.

This is the reason why environmental studies are considered more engaging than other niches. We are here to give you the hope that you need. We come with a bold assurance that you will pass in your environmental studies homework. This is simply because we have the most qualified team, ready to handle your homework. Our online environmental science homework help services have been in the lead all this while, and we have managed to help a large number of students so far.

You must not be left behind since we are ready to help with your homework. Let us have a close look at some of the interdisciplinary fields that fall under environmental studies:. This happens to be the biggest environmental studies niche. This is simply because Biology is the study of life. Anything that has life in it is studied under biology. Considering that there billions and billions of living organisms in the world, biology is considered the greatest niche. A biology student is bound to come across a wide range of things to be learned about.

Things get even more intense when biology is linked with the environment. The relationship between living organism and the environment cannot be ignored at all. In fact, it is with the help of living things that the environment exists. If your homework falls within this area of environmental studies, then we are the right team for you. We will offer you the needed assistance with an assurance of passing with the best marks.

This is now the branch that touches directly on the main environment complement- the ecosystem. It is important to note that there is a form of interaction that exists between organisms and their environment. This is basically what we term as ecology. However, it must be noted that ecology does not touch on the said relationship lightly. It goes a step further to dissect ecological matters in depth. In ecology, things like predation are covered in totality.

This is where you try to scientifically justify why some animals feed on others. Other things that you are bound to handle in this niche include the characteristics of a particular environment in relation to certain species, classification of animals and plants, natural versus manmade habitats, and many other things. To say that ecology is a shallow study will be a lie. A lot of sub-categories of this study are in existence. Give us the honor of handling your ecology homework. We are very much available to handle both practical and theory work for you.

We will implement all possible strategies and resources just to make sure that your homework attracts the highest points possible. To us, ecology is simply fun and we handle it in that perspective. You will love the outcomes. We cannot deny the fact that chemicals have gone a long way in affecting the environment. The increased industrialization across the world has been ranked as a major contributor to the increased volumes of chemicals in the environment.

Climate change, for instance, has been directly linked to industrialization and other chemical activities. It is in this regard the Environmental Chemistry was developed as a study in universities. Environmental Chemistry tends to focus more on chemical alterations in the environment. Among the things studied in this area include soil contamination as well as water pollution.

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Free step-by-step solutions to Environmental Science () - Slader. (Homework) Chapters 1, 2, and 5 Study QuestionsAnswer the following study questions thoroughly in a minimum of one paragraph. Answers should be in APA format, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center, which is located within the Learning Resources tab on the l Chapters 1, 2, and 5 Study QuestionsAnswer the following study questions .